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This paper combines professional experience and literature reviews from multiple disciplines to provide a contextual overview of recommendations and findings for effective and engaging videos.The tools for tutorials appear in five main categories: screencasts, slidecasts, live action video, animation, and interactivity.All submissions should be written at the senior undergraduate, graduate or professional level, and should contain the fundamentals through applications of your expanded article.Complimentary products of your choice from our CRC Press website for up to 0 will be offered upon submission and acceptance of your manuscript.SLi DE tells the story of five Brisbane teenagers in their final year of high school making their way from school to adulthood.

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They're really crossing the line and deserve to be revealed as the scum they are.

Really unsettling news coming out of this production.

Luke knows Ed from scouts and school, but he moves in a different crowd.

Eva is at school with them but she keeps to herself.

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Please add your bio to this list of esteemed nano enthusiasts. Slidecast – Slide Casting is a new multimedia feature we’re offering on Nano Science free to our registered members.

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