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And for North Lanarkshire, which came bottom of the table for women in 2001 with an expectancy of 77.3, women living there can now expect to live an extra two years.

The span of time that women can expect to live in good health has diminished over the past few years, the official analysis said.

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At the time, experts called for an urgent examination into life expectancy amid fears it had 'ground to a halt' because of the UK's 'miserly' spending.

However, the ONS suggested the slowdown could be down to a realisation of efforts to improve life span, such as cutting down smoking.

For years, women have remained lightyears ahead of their male counterparts in terms of how many years they will live for in good health.At the other end of the scale, West Dunbartonshire - north-west of Glasgow - had the gloomiest news for women, with their life expectancy being 78.8 if born tomorrow.When comparing the figures to 2001, it is evident there have been improvements to the life expectancies for both men and women.Boys born in the same years, however, have seen their estimated time in good health improve by 4.3 months to 63.1 years.The tool also shows how life expectancy has changed for each region over the years compared to that of the UK, which is continually improving.

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