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In the mornings they're on 0200-0435 UTC, and in the evening 1600-2030 (or 2045).MW - VRT closed most of their Flemish language outlets on mediumwave today. 927 k Hz continues to broadcast the Radio 1 service.ID "The Gulf Coast's News, Talk and Sports leader Talk Radio 16-40 WTNI Biloxi, Gulfport ABC News, another ID at 04.03 fair MH WTNI audio clips 00.03 920 CAN CJCH Sydney NS News weak MH 00.10 1510 USA WWZN Boston MA NFL Sports Talk, then 00.14 Boston Univ Basketball brought to you by Pepsi good MH 00.13 1510 USA ?WLAC maybe talk under WWZN QRM MH 00.59 1510 USA WWZN Boston MA "Terrier basketball on 15-10 The Zone" good MH 01.00 1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ time pip, legal ID fair MH 01.08 1680 USA WLAA Winter Garden FL Mexican style ballads, 01.52 adv's fair MH 01.20 1700 USA WEUP Huntsville AL OM ID "... YL adv, sports score 14-12, sport in EE over top of hour, xd Gospel at 02.12 fair MH 02.18 1650 CAN CJRS Montreal QC Hebrew singing fair MH 02.20 1690 USA ??00.00 1700 USA WJCC Miami Springs FL "This is WJCC 17 hundred AM" weak MH 01.00 1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ ID after time pip "16-60 AM WRRU Jersey City New York City" fair MH 02.00 1660 USA WRRU Jersey City NJ "This is multicultural radio broadcasting WWRU Jersey City New York City 16-60 AM WWRU" fair MH 06.05 610 CUB CM-- R Rebelde music, songs //5025 k Hz fair MH 06.30 590 CAN VOCM St Johns NL ID "You're listening to 5-90 VOCM St Johns a station of Steele Communications a division of New Cap Radio Inc VOCM Depend on it" fair MH 00.00 1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ This is multi-cultural .. AM WRRU fair MH 00.55 1620 UVI WDHP Frederikstad music, WDHP ID at 01.02 weak MH 02.00 1690 USA WPTX Lexington Park MD "You're listening to News Talk 16-90 AM WPTX Lexington Park" weak MH WPTX audio clip 02.12 1650 CAN CJRS Montreal QC Promo for their Kol Israel nxcasts on Radio Shalom 16-50 AM fair MH R Shalom audio clip (short) R Shalom audio clip (long) 02.15 1650 USA ?WHKT Portsmouth VA many espn radio references weak MH 02.47 1700 USA WEUP Hunsville AL Gospel music, "WEUP" drop in ID fair MH 03.00 1660 USA WFNA Charlotte NC espn NBA comm, local ID at 03.02 weak MH 03.15 1520 USA WWKB Buffalo NY OM ID fair MH 03.59 1640 USA WTNI Biloxi MS lots of espn radio promos.

unid music v wk MH 6299.98 NED Top Radio ID, email, Jingle Bells, Silent Night weak MH 6304.90 NED Marconi R Brown Eyed Girl, Walking in the Rain fair MH Marconi Radio signoff 1143 GMT on 6305 k Hz. 6279.94 NED R Trans Universe U2, Never Ending Story, Kayleigh 1124 off fair MH R Trans Universe end of transmission on 6280 k Hz.

It picks up the Gurkha station from Sandhurst on 1134 k Hz very nicely, whereas the NW and NNW aerials yield L&D Hospital Radio.

Sunday 30 March 2008 MW - TWR Benin have a slightly revised programme schedule for their new transmitter in Benin on 1566 k Hz.

6268.18 NED Magic AM pop drifting to 6268.56 by fair MH 6202.00 NED R Border Hunter I'm a rocker, Coldplay, Dire Straits fair MH R Border Hunter at 1145 on 6202 k Hz. weak MH 6290.68 NED R Caroline Int'l music, Caroline jingles weak MH 6324.95 IRL Premier R Int'l recording of morning programme fair MH Premier Radio 1500 GMT on 6325 k Hz.

6260 UZB The Voice Asia s/on, YL and music fair MH 6210.00 G Laser Hot Hits pop music good MH 6240.00 ?

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Sunday 6 April 2008 MW closedown - CBA Moncton, the 50 k W station serving New Brunswick on 1070 k Hz, closes its MW channel at 0700 Atlantic time tomorrow morning ... There will be a special short duration "DX Test" at around 0100 Atlantic time, 0400 UTC which *should* be audible across the Atlantic.