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This review has been updated for January 2018, including fresh screenshots of the dashboard and the various tools.

The dashboard was very recently refreshed so a lot of other reviews are outdated (if you sign up, what you see matches what is below). Personal Capital was founded in mid-2009 with the mission of “better financial lives through technology and people.” They serve 1.5 million registered users (I am one of them!

🙂As I mentioned earlier, Personal Capital started on the investment side and only recently added the budgeting toolset… Looks like I've been a little more fortunate, having lost only 3.21% vs. The Balances and Performance tabs are less interesting than the Allocation tab: Personal Capital is collecting data from all of my brokerage accounts, granted it's just at Vanguard and Trade King, and giving me a full breakdown of my allocation.

I can click on one of the boxes and it can give me an even granular breakdown: If you click down one more level, it starts telling you the actual holding and the amounts you have.

The business has two components: a free personal finance aggregation tool and a paid advisory service.

This review will look only at the aggregation tool side as I haven't used the paid advisory service.

Until you do that, you sometimes get wildly crazy numbers. Here's what I see under Portfolio - Holdings: This snapshot was taken in the afternoon on January 12th, 2016 (other screenshots are more recent, this one hadn't changed so I left the original) and the market had been crushed the last 30 days the first few days of 2016).When I first started managing my own money, I did everything manually.Every month, I'd log into each of my accounts and record the balance in my Net Worth Record.The last fun chart we have is US Sectors: You can track “other assets” like art, cars, etc – there just isn't any updating functionality because there's on central database of pricing for those types of things.One exception is real estate, which you can track to Zillow's Zestimate: I'm not sure how I feel about Zillow's Zestimates as an accurate measure (here are some other free home appraisal tools) but I include my home price because I need something to offset my mortgage.

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Personal Capital will pull the data from each account so I don't need to manually log in.

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