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This is where live video broadcasting apps come into play.

Like described above, they are not geared toward calling someone or even calling multiple people in a group, but instead opening a live, outgoing stream for others to join in on and watch.

This category of app includes ones like Skype, Whats App, Kik and Facebook Messenger.

They're great for video calling but not so great for sending out a live stream to other users who are wanting to see what you're up to right now.

Live stream apps can be thought of more like a mini news station where you can start up whenever you like, and viewers can tune in to listen and watch you.

Facebook isn't just good for posting text, picture and video status updates but also for sharing live video with all your Facebook friends (or even just specific friends).

What better way to broadcast your face to the world but from your phone, from anywhere you like.

You can use one of these free video streaming apps to beam video straight from your camera to an online service, which others can use to watch your stream.

About Twitter: Facebook: https:// Blog: Talent Program: [email protected]: let us hear your voice. I like this app a lot but it won't never load when I try to convert my diamonds into coins and every time I click on my diamonds to see the amount I have, it never loads at all and even for checking my balance it never loads.You can start broadcasting in seconds and even tag your stream to help people find you in searches.This app lets you login with your Facebook, Instagram, Google or Twitter account.Right before you go live, you can choose to share your live stream on your social media sites to get even more viewers.Once you're live, you can chat with viewers (or block chat), see who's watching, swap between the front and back camera and add viewers as fans.

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Tap the Live button under the status update section to start broadcasting on Facebook.

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